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10 Reasons To Buy A Ford

One of the biggest decisions you will make is deciding what car you want to buy. There are many factors that go into this decision and this decision can also make you decide if you want to continue buying from the same car maker. Here at Highway Ford, we are proud to offer the best Ford models available and we want to share with you why we would choose Ford over other car makers.
1. History​ 

One of the most important reasons behind Ford Motor Company’s success is how it began, and the foundation established for a company that has continued to thrive for over 100 years. Henry Ford built his company with integrity and passion, and it is with these values that the quality of Ford was created. Much like its founder, Ford builds quality vehicles simply because they have had many years to work at it.

Because of the company’s longstanding history, and surviving difficult times like the Great Depression, Ford simply knows how to continue to persevere and make quality vehicles that stand the test of time. Not only has Ford survived all these years, but the company is also a leader in the field and grows as the times change.
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2. Innovation​ 
Henry Ford, in an effort to make production more efficient, created the assembly line, which pioneered a new way in production, not only for the auto industry, but industries across the board. This innovative spirit is definitely embedded in Ford Motor Company and further helps Ford to stand out among its competitors.

Today, it is evident that Ford continues to improve its current line up with developments such as using Aluminum in its award-winning F-150. They took a vehicle that is already outperforming others in its class and continue to further improve upon it.​ 

3. Technology​ 
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Speaking of innovations, Ford continues to pave the way for the latest technologies and integrates them into Ford vehicles. One technology that is becoming a standard in Ford is the MyFord Touch, which allows you to do many things such as controlling features of the car with voice-activated commands, connecting to the internet, and many other functions within your vehicle. Ford continues to update this and other technologies to keep up with the latest trends and advances.
4. Safety​ 

In addition to the technological advances that Ford continues to make, the Company also focuses its attention on the available safety features for its models as well. Ford carries all the typical safety features you find with all models, such as the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, LATCH System, and many others. But Ford also has some exclusive and more advanced safety systems. Some of these systems include the Blind Spot Information System, Forward Collision Warning, Advance Trac with Roll Stability Control, and an Adaptive Cruise Control. These safety features are a great reason why Ford is a front-runner in the automotive industry

5. Awards​ 

Ford has won many awards over the years for many of its models. As far as Safety goes, the Ford Focus and Fusion have both been chosen for the 2015 IIHS Top Safety picks. In addition to safety awards, the Ford Motor Company as a whole is the Most Search Auto Brand, the Best-selling Auto Brand, and had the most loyal customers of all other makes in 2014.

Ford has won many models with its models, but the Ford F-150 continues to be the forerunner in winning awards, not just for Ford, but for all vehicles. In 2015 alone, the F-150 has won the 2015 Truck of the Year, Kelley Blue Book’s “Truck’s Best Buy and Overall Best Buy”, and many other awards too! Needless to say, Ford is an award-winning brand that continues to be top of the line.​ 

6. Top Selling Models​ 

If you think that winning a bunch of awards does not show how great a vehicle is, then our reason number 6 for buying a Ford will tell you how other people feel. Ford vehicles are one of the most top-selling vehicles in the market. Of course, the F-150 is the #1 selling vehicles across all makes and models in the U.S. In addition to that the Ford Fusion made the top ten lists for best selling vehicles in 2015, too. In 2013, the Ford Focus was the #1 sold vehicle worldwide. It remains in the Top Ten list for 2015 along with the Ford Fiesta.​ 

7. Variety​ 
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Another great reason to look at Ford before you start your car buying process is simply because of the variety of models Ford has to offer. Obviously, they have one of the most popular trucks out there, but they also have many other models to choose from. They have hatchbacks, sedans (small and large), SUV’s and Crossover, the ever-famous mustang; they even offer a hybrid vehicle.

Not only does Ford have plenty to shop from, but because of Ford’s popularity, it is easy to find a Ford, too. Whether you are looking to buy a new Ford from a dealership (like us at Highway Ford) or you are shopping for a used Ford, you can find Ford’s everywhere!​ 

8. Environmentally Friendly​ 
It is important for automakers to understand the impact their vehicles have on the environment, and Ford is one that is working to help make their vehicles more environmentally friendly. In addition to their hybrid model, the C-Max, for also have hybrids available for the Fusion and older models of the Escape.​ 

Although, not everyone is interested in a Hybrid vehicle, so Ford also uses EcoBoost engines to help improve fuel economy without sacrificing the power behind your vehicle. Ford also uses recycled material in their F-150’s. They use their innovative creativity not only to make their vehicles safer and more tech-savvy, but also to help the environment.
9. Durability​ 

One of Ford’s most famous and longstanding slogans is “Built Ford Tough,” and they continue to use this slogan because that’s what they do; they build their vehicles to withstand anything. In order for them to continue using this phrase, it makes sense that they have to prove the durability of Ford vehicles. Well, Ford has created a system for durability testing that tests vehicles in every kind of environment and condition you can think of.

Besides the testing that each vehicle undergoes, Ford also has integrity when it comes to building their vehicles. They use quality parts that will allow your vehicle to run a long time, as opposed to finding cheaper parts to try and sell you a vehicle faster.
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10. Design​ 

The last reason why you should buy a Ford is simple; Ford just looks good. From the smart sleek lines to the multitude of colors to choose from, driving a Ford just feels and looks cool. You don’t have to drive a Ford Mustang to be driving in style with Ford anymore. From the Fusion and Focus, the bigger SUV’s such as the Explorer and Escape, Ford vehicles just give off a cool vibe.

Ford sent out an article about the way customers feel about Ford in 2014. In the article it stated that according to Google, Ford was the most search auto-brand and the best selling auto-brand. Perhaps the most important thing Ford discovered was that they had the most loyal customers, who bought more of the vehicle they trusted most. This is perhaps the number one reason why Ford is the way to go, because those who have purchased Ford in the past continue to purchase them in the future. So, don’t take it from us here at Highway Ford, see for yourself why Ford is one of the most popular brands!
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