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Gas Mileage Tips

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Here at Highway Ford, we want you to get the most out of your vehicle. ​  One of the most costly and reoccurring expenses for your vehicle is paying for gas. ​ So we have found some simple ways to help you make the most of every mile you drive and save you money at the pump. ​ From the way you drive to regular car maintenance, we outline the best ways to save on gas mileage. ​ 


These are simple tips that you can do yourself to improve your own gas mileage. ​ Simply being aware of the condition and needs of your car is the first step. ​ 
  • Perhaps one of the most important maintenance you can provide for your car is to keep your tire properly inflated. ​ This not only can potentially improve your gas mileage by over 3%, but can keep you safe and help your tires last much longer.​ 
  • It is best to use the recommended grade of motor oil for your specific model to get the best gas mileage possible. ​ It can improve your gas mileage by 1-2%. ​ 
  • In addition to using the correct grad of motor oil, you want to make sure to check your oil regularly. ​ This will give you a better idea of when to change your oil. ​ Cleaner oil will help the pistons run better and faster, and use less energy to function overall. ​ 
  • Be sure to fill up the gas tank at half a tank. ​ This helps keep the fuel pump in good shape and your vehicle working better. ​ This will keep your car from “running on fumes.”​ 
  • The last Service tip to help improve gas mileage is to simply check and change your air filter. ​ This keeps the engine from working too hard and using more gas as a result. ​ 


As a driver, you are responsible for how you take care of your car on the road. ​ These tips are ways that you can improve your gas mileage while you are driving.​ 
  • When driving on the highway, speed limits over 55 MPH cause your MPG to drastically decrease. ​ Keep to the speed limits to get better gas mileage, especially while driving on the highway. ​ 
  • One way to help you keep control of your driving while on the highway is to utilize your Cruise Control. ​ Not only will this keep your speed at a more fuel-efficient speed, but it will keep your speed more stable. ​ Another way to lose gas mileage is to constantly speed up and slow down.
  • Along with the constantly changing speeds, it is important to not drive aggressively. ​ Not only is it unsafe to rapidly accelerate or hit the brakes constantly, it also uses three times as much gas than if you slowly accelerate and stop. ​ 
  • Driving on the highway, it will always be necessary to pass other vehicles. ​ To use less gas, it is recommended that you pass while on flat ground or going down a hill. ​ This is using gravity to your advantage and keeps your RPM’s down. ​ 
  • The last tip is to avoid any unnecessary idling. ​ If you are in a parked car on idle for more than one minute, it costs less gas to turn off your car and restart it again. ​ So remember when you are in the drive-thru for more than a minute to turn off your car and restart it.​ 

We hope that you can use these tips to help lower the cost of maintaining your vehicle. ​ For any assistance with your all your service needs, contact our service department. ​ Also, check out some of our most fuel-efficient models such as the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, and Ford Fusion.​ 
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