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Tailgating Tips for Football Season

Tailgating Tips for Football Season
Going back to the basics is a great way to get better at anything, and that includes tailgating. Celebrating with your friends, family, and other fans is a great way to kick off the football season and every game thereafter. Here are a few tailgating tips that will change the way you celebrate game day and support your team for good!
Tailgating Tips - Cooler
Tailgating Tips - Food


Packing your cooler with essentials is, well, essential to having a great time tailgating. It pays to come prepared, so be sure to pack at least two coolers, one with food and another with extra ice. No one will enjoy a warm drink, especially if the weather is fairly hot or humid. Pack an extra cooler of ice, just in case!


Keeping your toolbox fully supplied with all the utensils you might need at a tailgate is essential to having a good time. After all, nothing beats coming prepared!
Store any extra utensils, like a spatula, forks, spoons, and knives, in your toolbox for safe keeping until you need them. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to store extra condiments, like barbecue sauce, to free up some cooler space.


Team Colors

Nothing says you support your team more obviously than wearing their colors! Wearing your team’s colors is a great way to show your team spirit and solidarity with other supporters.


Aim to arrive and set up your tailgate around three hours before the game starts. Food should be ready an hour and a half to two hours before game time. That leaves plenty of time to eat, clean, and pack up all of your food and equipment. No one likes a tailgater who leaves trash behind, and it certainly doesn’t speak well for tailgaters at a whole.
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